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The Lakewood team has extensive experience with Residential Mortgage Backed Securities (RMBS) litigation, cases based on alleged breaches of representations and warranties, and whole loan repurchase litigation. Our goal is to bring an objective, reasonable, and honest perspective to the litigation process.  

Mortgage litigation is complex and requires not only a thorough understanding of mortgage lending guidelines and practices, but also expertise in writing well-crafted and accurate rebuttals. Lakewood possesses a rare combination of skills in these and other areas creating the most cost effective and successful strategies for law firms and clients it serves.

Past roles in litigation have included expert witness, report writing, project management, guideline matching, re-underwriting, and quality assurance of data and rebuttals. We can work independently, but also enjoy collaborating with other due diligence firms and expert witnesses on projects. Lakewood takes a big picture approach to each case while at the same time remaining vigilant with the smallest details.        

Litigation Support

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